Tamiya Bruiser Clone Part 5. (Respray)

Tamiya Bruiser Clone Part 5. 


Hello friends and interested people around the world.

I had not intended for a Part 5. However, here it is.

Part 5 was made possible from an accidental spill and splashes of paint thinner to the body shell. The shell itself was unharmed by the spill, yet the paint simply ran off the body. I was not going to allow all my hard work to look that bad. I took some drastic action. 

I took it all apart, wet and dry hand sanded and repainted the whole shell. Many, many hours I spent rubbing down the shell to get a nice clean finish. At this point I chose a slightly different design with the same colours.

Unfortunately I cannot get any of the pictures I took during the process from my phone. So, until I can download them, these are the only pictures of the process.

Notice The new roof rack and spot lights.

With the new paint scheme, roof rack, spot lights and tyre paint, I am happier than ever. It looks (as a friend said) " A Million Dollars", but he is obviously biased since I paint his trucks and cars.

I am using a wooden block to protect the tires from deformation. The rubber is so soft it will deform under the weight of this truck. 

Looking quite formidable.

Loads of ride height, weight and sticky soft tyres mean it should climb like a billy goat.

The above picture has the following upgrades completed.

1. Steering servo reposition modification and servo extension added.

2. Roof rack lights up and running.

Please join me in Part 6 where I will explain the new positioning of the steering servo and modified bracket.

Take Care.