Tamiya Bruiser Clone Part 6 (Steering & Suspension Modifications). UPDATED 8/9/2020

Tamiya Bruiser Clone Part 6 

UPDATED 8/9/2020

(Steering & Suspension Modifications).

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Hello Friends and interested people from around the world.

As I stated in Part 5, I will be showing you the method I used (as there are other methods). I am using this method as there are fewer parts and the push rod angles are just about perfect.

The main reason people change the position of the servo is 
simply because the original servo position is right a t the back, therefore requiring super long push rods and pivots. This leads to a lot of free play or slog in the steering meaning it turning abilities are poor to say the least. Bump steer also was really bad due to the length of the mechanism. A full size car has a smaller turning circle than this.  

Ok, let's go.

To complete this modification I had to buy a 3D printed servo bracket. It was quite cheap (£5.99) and quite well made. 

The above picture show the new 3D printed servo bracket, steering servo, 2.4 Ghz receiver and a brushed esc. These are the parts I fitted. 

I need to remove the plate on the very left in the above picture. This is actually the front of the chassis. With that plate removed, I can now replace it with the new 3D printed part. I should have fitted the new part at this stage as it would have been easier without the full list of parts it needs. Hind sight is a beautiful thing.

A better view of the front plate that is to be replaced with the new servo bracket (with a v and a y shaped indent). 

With the old plate removed and the new servo bracket fitted, I secured the servo in place. I then fitted a servo horn and then a push rod. I did have to move the small arm on the hub from the back to the front so the angle on the push rods is almost perfect and will not bind the steering function.

However, this leads to having to move the dampers to the rear of the front axle. 

You can see the dampers new position behind the front axle. Please note that the top suspension bracket also needs repositioning to secure the top of the damper units new position. 

Whilst the truck was stripped down, I took the opportunity to remove all but one leaf spring on each corner. This softens the right however, I also need to install better dampers at a later date.

The above picture shows the single leaf spring on the rear left. This is the same for all four corners.

With only one leaf spring per corner it allows the axles greater articulation (twist).

OK, that is it for this post.

Thank you for reading my humble words and I hope you have found it helpful in some way.

Take care.



Small update 6/9/2020

I have decided to change the tyres for a smaller tyre wall of 100 mm instead of the 120 mm Super Swamper's I had intended on.  The tyres I choose have a better detailing on the tread, being of a more general on and off road design. I intend to use the same wheels, with the 12 mm hex fittings. 

I love the stance of the truck now with the smaller diameter general use tyres. It looks more of a true scale. I bought the tyres from Injora (Ebay) and were a bargain at £12.95 with free p&p. They are the "Mud Country" Tyres and should be awesome in the loose gravel and maybe some snow.  The smaller wall tyres are more difficult to mount. I spent many hours mounting, removing and remounting these tyres but it was worth it imho.

The front and rear bumpers need putting back on.

It's getting closer to what I had imagined and aim for.

Looking good.

Obviously the Super Swamper's would be better suited for rock crawling however, this is simply a working display model (shelf queen)

Ok my friends, that is it for now.

You are fully up to date with my modifications on this truck so far. Stay tuned as I have other mod's planned for the immediate future so please stay tuned and thank you for reading my humble words.

Take care.



Even Smaller Update 8/9/2020

I have added a snorkel to add to the detail and scale of the truck.

It is a very good quality part and can be found here. My pictures do not give it any justice. It is a four part set and is also supplied with mounting screws.

I have also replaced both front and rear bumpers.

If you would like to buy this truck, please contact me in the messages.

And once again my friends, you, we and I, are all up to date with this project.

Thanks for reading my humble words and I hope you have found some useful information from any of my posts.

Take care.