Why I haven't been adding new posts in 2024 and RC Collection Sale.

 Why I haven't been adding new posts in 2024 and RC Collection Sale

26th May 2024

Hello dear RC enthusiasts from around the World. I hope you are all well.

I am sure you are wondering why I haven't added any new posts this year as I promised in my previous post (29/1/24). 

The reason for this is that, unfortunately I split up from my partner the day after (30/1/24) I wrote that post. I did not want that to happen but my partner didn't want to be with me anymore. I had to leave the home that we shared for more than 30 years and, as you may imagine it has been a very tough time for me. I have had to find somewhere new to live, furnish it (as best I can) and pay some very expensive costs. I also didn't have access to the internet for a few months to update the Blog and keep you up to date with what is going on. I have recently had the internet installed in my new residence, and this new post is to tell you what is happening. 

The house I am living at the moment is only be a temporary arrangement, as the rent is very expensive and I simpy cannot afford to live here long term. I am looking for another place to live, but it is difficult to find somewhere I can afford and be as close as possible to my children. This house only has 2 bedrooms and I need 3 bedrooms so both of my children can visit me and stay over for a few nights if they want. I hope you can understand when I say, I miss not having my children around me every day. This house is also a lot smaller than the house I shared with my wife and I cannot set up a small work area dedicated to my RC interests and the tools I need to work with. All of my equipment, tools and RC essentials are still in the loft of my old house. Even if I am lucky enough to find an affordable 3 bedroom house, I need to set up a dedicated area to work on the RC cars. As you will no doubt be aware,  RC cars are very expensive to invest in and I simply do not have the funds I once had to buy the cars. The cars I have, I will reluctantly have to sell to furnish another home as I need to replace everything needed to live. I need new beds, a sofa, a washing machine, cooker, TV, carpets and everything else. 

However, I do not wish to give up my beloved hobby and I will try my best to keep the blog running as best I can. The best thing I can hope for is to start again when I am in a better position and funds allow me to restart a small RC collection. As you may be aware, my RC collection has always been very small, but I do love the RC cars in it. There are cars in the collection that I will not be able to replace in the future. This makes me a little sad as it took me a lot of time to be able to save up my money for them, but I must sell them to get and  furnish another house. I can however keep the tools that I collected over the years so as I can at least build new models in the future when funds allow. 

I would like the cars in my collection go to a person that would cherish them as much as I have. The cars are like brand new and come with the original box they were supplied with.

 The cars were built slowly and with great care as per the instructions supplied. I then painted them very carefully and put them on display in my loft. They have never been abused or handled very much and had great effort ensuring they were kept like new. A lot of the cars come with another body shell, wheels and tyres which have again, never been used. The original parts that came with each car will also be supplied in the sale. The cars I am reluctantly selling also have a dedicated recorded build that can be found within this blog that you can copy for your own future reference. The recorded information includes pictures of each stage of the build that I am sure you would enjoy to look at in the future.

I originally bought the cars because I couldn't afford them in my younger days and as an investment for the future. The cars can now be bought, displayed and again be kept as an investment for yourselves as they will at some point be discontinued by the manufacturer. Some of the cars have already been discontinued and are now highly collectable and valuable.  

The cars for sale are:-

Schumacher CAT XLS Masami (Standard) 

Includes a genuine new uncut and unpainted upper body, lower body, rear wing, motor cover, decals and window masks. 

Shumacher CAT XLS Masami (Full Option/Carbon Fibre)

Includes a genuine new Schumacher uncut and unpainted upper body, lower body, rear wing, motor cover, decals and window masks. Spare white wheels and Shumacher tyres.

Kyosho Optima (Rerelease)

Includes Optima Pro bodyshell, pepper pot wheel and Shumacher tyres. Alloy lower suspension arms.

Kyosho Beetle

Includes rear wheel hex conversion kit, original yellow wheels and sand super tyres.

Kyosho Optima Mid (Rerelease)

Includes genuine Optima Mid Turbo decals

Each car includes the original box (except the Shumacher CAT XLS Full Option), instruction and tools.

I will sell the whole collection together for £2000 which is £395 less than buying each car separate/individually. I know this is a lot of money but if you include and the extra body shells, wheels and tyres, you may realise how much this collection cost me a lot more than the money I am asking for.

Please rest assured, each car is in perfect condition and unused.

I am very sad to sell my RC Car collection, but it must go.

I will sell to overseas collectors, but the buyers must arrange and pay for shipping costs. 

I do hope the collection goes to someone who will care for, and enjoy owning these cars as much as I have.

If you require any further information please email me at:-

catxls8@gmail.com or message 07746846228

Please keep visiting my blog, as I will try my hardest to bring you more RC car modding and building content in the future when I am able to do so.

For now, please take care and God Bless you all. 

Please pray for me during these difficult days, as I will pray for you.

catxls 26/5/24