New Projects For 2023

 New Projects For 2023

Hello fellow RC enthusiasts from around the World, I hope you are well and also wish you a belated Happy New Year.

In the next 11 months, I will hopefully finishing off some projects from last year and also looking to buy a (can I say rare) Tamiya Avante. I do intend to buy one in the box so I can show you a detailed build process. I say this because I have seen many video's of the Avante, but never a detailed build and only the paint work and details. In the blog I intend to write will be a full break down of the parts and the build. 

However, with funds being few and bills being high, it will take many months to save for one. I'm sure we are well aware of the price tag of this car, so you can expect this project very late in the year. I also want to experiment with a different colour scheme I have in mind and stay clear of the box art for this buggy and make it stand out. The Avante is an iconic 80's Tamiya race buggy that won nothing in terms of Championships and yet it has won the heart of millions of Tamiya fans around the World for an amazing 35years. Apparently, Tamiya enlisted the help of a designer who also worked for NASA on the Challenger program. As a result, the buggy was over designed, too heavy and very expensive. 

It has a mid mount motor and is quite well balanced, but it was way too heavy to compete with the likes of the PB's, Kyosho's and Schumacher's of the day. Warts and all said, it's still, to this day, a beautifully designed car and something to behold. It's an amazing piece of engineering, of which I fully respect! Now, with a saving plan set up, all we can do is look forward to this epic build. 

Small Update 2/12/2023 @ 20.45 UK

After more than 10 months of saving and searching for a rerelease of the Avante 2011 in the box, my efforts have been futile. I cannot find this model that will fit my budget. The initial RRP is or was £499. I can now only find boxed examples ranging from £800 to more than £1000. The result is, I simply cannot afford the Avante at the moment my friends, I can simply dream... However, with that being said, I will keep searching.

This is sad news for all that would be interested, but not the end of the World!

Until I find an affordable example, please watch this video of a standard Optima racing a Tamiya Avante. It is a very interesting watch.

All best wishes around the World.