Kyosho Optima Mid Part 1 "What's In The Box"

 Kyosho Optima Mid Part 1

"What's In The Box"

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Hello fellow RC enthusiasts from around the World, I hope you are all well!!

As the title suggests, this will be a running account of the build of a new re-release Optima Mid. 

I will be including every stage of my progress of the build from the manual, both written and in picture form as usual.  It is pointless to do a full description of each part, when during the assembly, I will be repeating what I have already stated. Therefore, I will do a brief box and content section at the start.  You will then see what is in the kit and decide for yourselves if it is worth spending your hard earned money.

 I, like yourselves do think the kit is very expensive. However, I am quite sure the original 1987 release, was near or around the same price. Maybe+/- £50.  Yes, it was very expensive back in the day as it is now, however, I find that fact reassuring as I know how SUPERB these buggies were and still are, in my humble opinion.

 I would, if I had the money, buy all of the whole Kyosho Legendary series released to date (including the motors and ESC's). Unfortunately, I must dream on..

With my little history lesson over, let me inspect the outer packaging and box art!!

I have tried to picture all the small information in each image. The black arrow is pointing to the fact this kit has both the Standard Mid and Turbo Mid decals included in the kit, as it is the first edition. Future kits will only be supplied with the standard decals.

Apparently, "the initial bonus pack" or first edition is only available for the first batch of Optima Mids. Future kits will only have the standard Optima Mid decals. 

The box information should be visible to read.

Another angle of the box.

Another view.

The above image shows the new slipper clutch allowing for higher performance motors to be used, such as brushless setups.

Front of the box image.

As you can see this is a picture the the rear of the Mid box and everything seems to be in line.

Until you look a little closer. The black arrows above are clearly pointing to a new seal over the original Kyosho seal. I will certainly be contacting Model Sport in the morning. 

With that being said, I cannot move forward until I hear from the supplier as to whether I should open the box. I am sure all will be fine, but you never know and at £400 a go, it would be an expensive lesson.

After being reassured the box was only opened to add the extra wing and decals, I moved on.

With the lid removed you can see all the components laid out. Sorry about the shaky picture quality, but I was super excited.

 The plastic bag laid on the top is the extra decals and the extra wing. Again this is only supplied with the first edition re-release of Mids.

With the extra decals removed, I can see what is the the box. It is, as usual with Kyosho a wonderful presentation. All RC cars should come like this. It is a work of art!!

This white box is positioned under the left display blister pack and contains most of the assembly components. As you can see, most of the parts are actually metal.

The last box contains the wheels, tyres, another wing and the plastic assembly parts. 
I am unsure as to whether do it in the standard box art, or go for the Turbo Optima Mid colours. However, I will cross that bridge when I get to it!!

I know I have not gone into much information about the parts, but I will show them in more detail as the build progresses in Part 2.

So please, join me in Part 2, where I will be assembling and describing this iconic RC car!!

In the meantime, take care RC enthusiasts!!