Kyosho Beetle 2014 Build - Part 5 Driver Figure Painting & Detailing

 Kyosho Beetle 2014 Build - Part 5 

Driver Figure Painting & Detailing

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Hello again RC enthusiasts from around the world and thank you for joining me.
In Part 5 I will be painting the driver figure. However, I was enjoying myself too much and concentrating so hard, I forgot to take any of the painting process pictures. I dare not now remove the driver figure as it is stuck to the inside paint as this could lead to major paint damage......DOH!!!

So my friends, all I can do is show you is some of the painting process but not all. I do apologise for this. May I also apologise in advance for the poor picture quality. I am working in my loft where space and light are a great issue.

Before we start, I made a mistake with the drivers gloves. For some reason I thought they were a decal/graphic. They should have been a different colour. Also the driver's seat should have been a different colour. They would have been quite easy jobs to complete the detailed effect. This is my fault for trying to rush things along.....I hope I eventually learn to take my time....

So, as I said, pictures are scarce but I hope to add the missing information.

Ok, let's go..

Drivers Helmet. 

With the drivers helmet being of a plastic type, I had to paint it with the appropriate plastic paint. In my case I chose a colour from the Tamiya plastic paint range. It is TS-83 Metalic silver, as can be seen below..

Firstly, I glued the drivers helmet together with Poly Cement (carefully) and stuck it together and waited about 8 hours for the glue to cure. After it was cured, cleaned and dirt free, I put 3 layers of TS-83 on the helmet and cured it in my  home made UVR oven.

After painting the helmet, I then applied the decals supplied for the helmet. Looking good.

The decal/graphic instructions for the helmet and driver can be found on page 25, see below.

With the driver's helmet complete I went ahead and painted the driver figure with PS-6. As I stated earlier, I should have masked off his gloves and seat for further detail. Maybe the next time.

I then backed the PS-6 yellow with PS-41 bright silver.

Unfortunately, this was the last picture I took before fitting the decals/graphics to the driver. I used a vibrant PS-6 for the drivers suit. The seat belts and steering wheel are all decals/graphics.

This is the result my friend's. I personally love it. Some purists may not. I do have further ideas for this car, as I do my other 2 cars, so stay tuned my friends and take care!! 2022


Unknown said…
Well buddy when i eventually locate a new shell etc for my beetle, the chance for you to take pictures of the process to add to the blog mate, awesome work though mate, keep it up buddy.
Catxls said…
I can't take pictures bud. I forgot. However, I can go one better and paint the shell for you.
Catxls said…
I didn't read it properly. Yes, it will once again give me the opportunity to photograph the whole process bud! August did you say, well plenty of time to chose a colour scheme!!!
Catxls said…
Big thanks to RunTheRC over at Reddit for reading my posts!! Thumbs up bud!!