Kyosho Beetle 2014 Build - Part 4 Decals

 Kyosho Beetle 2014 Build - Part 4



Hello fellow RC enthusiasts from around the world. Welcome to my Kyosho Beetle 2014 Build Part 4. If you have not read my previous posts on the Beetle build, please follow the links below.

After leaving the paint to cure naturally over night, I was excited to be finally fitting the decals or some may call them graphics. 

Ok, let's go.

In the manual, I am now at the top of page 25. Fitting the decals.

The scanned picture below show the full fitting instructions and fitting sequence. I have previously ignored this instruction on many builds to my cost. I will be following the manual...

Maybe I'll work from the top down as I will be using my trusted water and soap mixture spray bottle. I use shampoo as a soap. Head & Shoulders as it happens. No flakes........

The above picture shows the tool's I will be using. Scissors (not needed/pre-cut), tweezers, scalpel (not pictured), soapy water, kitchen roll, manual, decals and spectacles - check.

Sunroof first.

I quickly remembered how close the window masks and window decals have an ultra fine tolerance. Most of the time the masking was too big and the decal too small. Yes, I am talking mm's but this kit was not cheap. 
This problem was systemic throughout the window decal fitting. I tried my best to get the best of a bad job. I am so pleased I used the water and soap, otherwise all the decals would have been ruined.

My trusted UV lamp drying the sunroof and rear window.

After fighting the gaps between the paint and the window decal, here is what we have. All the window decals are now in place. Again, thank goodness for the soapy water.

The next decal I chose was the largest of the set and it worried me. The long orange, red and blue one under the tweezers But with the soap and water, it went on quite well. I did over hang at either end that I had to trim away. You can get some scale on this decal with the tweezers laid across it.

After cutting my teeth on the biggest graphic in the pack, I cracked on and also fitted the bonnet/hood decals.

With the first decal sheet fitted (bar the driver) it was time to move to decal sheet 2. Notice the black side foot bar. That is very difficult to affix. I think maybe extra adhesive may be in order.

Decal sheet 2 as pictured below.


After many, many, many hours.........

This is the result...

I love it !!!!

I still have to complete the driver but I will save that for the next post. Besides, I need to get that runner board glued down. I also have another upgrade coming, so please join me in the next post. 

As I stated earlier, I was going to glue down the runner board stickers. However, I instead decided to paint the runner boards with matt black paint and I think they look cool.

Looking good imho, with the matt black finish. Better than a sticker a least!!

I hope you have enjoyed, relaxed and maybe learned a little about the hobby.

Until my next post my friends, take care.

See you soon.



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