Kyosho Beetle 2014 Build - Part 3 Paint

 Kyosho Beetle 2014 Build - Part 3 



Hello fellow RC enthusiasts from around the world. 

Thank you for joining me in Part 3, where I will be painting the body shell.

If you have not seen the first two posts, you can find them below.

On the 28/12/2020, a friend and I went to our local model shop. We both intended to buy Tamiya spray paints for our Christmas presents/projects (to My friend was building a Tamiya Brat, and of course I was building the Beetle. We both decided to go with the box art design for our cars. My friend got the traditional red for the Brat and I needed a yellow and orange combination of camel yellow and orange. We both also purchased Tamiya white (TS-01), to back the base colour and make it a lot brighter. After purchasing our new colours we sped off home to start painting. 

With my new paint in hand (remember the body shell is pre cut) it was time to start preparing the body shell. Unfortunately I forgot to
 take any pictures. However the process is simple.
Firstly, wash the body shell with warm water and soap. 
Rinse the body shell thoroughly to ensure any soap, dust, oil or grease is removed.
Dry the body shell and ensure every crevice is clear of water/dirt.

When the body shell is clear of all unwanted contaminates it is time to fit the window masks supplied in the kit. 
Again, I was so absorbed in the build I forgot to take pictures, sorry.. What I can advise is to follow the body lines to fit the window masks. However I found it difficult to see the lines with the body protective film, so I followed the window lines with a sharpie to help position the window masks. 

Now just before I started laying down any yellow or orange paint, I changed my mind. I chose white (ps-01) and before I knew it, I had the can in my hand laying it down. And as soon as I started, I knew it was the right colour choice. 

Let us begin 

Above shows a picture of my progress to the end of Part 2.

The next picture shows the body shell with the window masks, sharpie pen outline a a layer or two of Tamiya white.

I know, it doesn't look much at the moment, but the sharpie did help me position the windows masking.

At this point, I had been working on a DIY paint dryer, of which I decided to try.

It is an LED ultra violet lamp I made up. The same type used to dry finger nails in a salon. It's way better than using a hair dryer with less particles blown around to stick to the paint. Happy  Days. I will use this in my upcoming CATXLS rebuild and all paint work from now on. I'm quite impressed with it's results.

The body shell was still almost transparent after four coats of white, as I expected. To back up the white paint, people normally use Tamiya Silver (PS-11).  I will use a silver, but a lot brighter silver (PS-41). 

After three coated of bright silver (PS-41(and using the UV LED) love them)) and removing the window masks, this is the result. I'm very happy with the paint but it's not perfect. 

At this point I had to change the wheels to match the colour scheme. I went with SCH008W at the rear and SCH007 at the front. I simply then changed the tyres to the white wheels. The rear tyres are soft and easy to change, where the front tyres are tough and need a little more force.

As you can see in the above picture, the completed paint and new wheels. The brighter PS-41 silver is very good. However, in hindsight the darker silver on top of the bright silver would be the best choice. However, I am happy at this point of the build. If I feel I need to darken the silver at a 
later date, I will.

Looking good!!

At this point my good friends we are all up to date with my Kyosho Beetle 2014 build.

I hope you have found this helpful, in any small manner!!

Please do join me in Part 4 where I will be applying the many decals.

In the mean time take care.

See you soon.

CATXLS 11/1/2021