Kyosho Beetle 2014 Build - Part 1 Chassis

 Kyosho Beetle 2014 Build - Part 1



Hello Fellow RC enthusiasts from around the world and welcome to the build post for my new Kyosho Beetle re-release buggy. I have been promising myself this car for many years. 

I nearly bought one last year but at the last minute, I bought a CAT-XLS Masami. I did regret my initial decision at the time however, I am more than happy with my Schumacher CAT-XLS Masami after running it.

If you have not seen the Beetle in action, please view this awesome video that I have permission to use from "Rich" at The RCNetwork channel.

 I also had rather a bother trying to secure this Beetle, as it was 
on back order. The delivery was delayed over and over again and I thought I was never going to get one. I had numerous stock requests from separate suppliers. It was becoming clear all my efforts were futile.

 Finally in mid November, I was alerted to stock and I managed to secure one for delivery. Well played "Modelsport UK". I immediately paid for the buggy and it was with me in two days.   

Before we start, I will only be showing you the build as shown in the manual. I am not (at this moment) fitting any electronics. Also, please remember this is only for guidance purposes only and I will not be held responsible for any loss or injury if you follow this guide. Nearly all the assembly the assembly tools are provided, but please read the manual before building to ensure you have the correct tools.  Kyosho models are the finest in my opinion, what with precise engineering and rugged build quality. I have no worries here. May I also add that this build will not be a long affair. After all it is only a 2 WD buggy and many of the parts in the kit are preassembled. I also do not intend to fill the shocks with oil as it will only be a display car and never used. Another time saving factor in this kit is that the body shell comes pre cut. Again, another job that can roll on for days.

With the history of my wanting this car (and disclaimer) out of the way, let us look at what I will be building.

Kyosho Beetle re-release.

VW Official Licensed Product.

 A beautiful box layout. It seems a shame to open it.....

OK, Time to build.

With the manual at hand, I cracked on. I first familiarised the manual, build sequence and parts layout. The build starts on page 8.

The picture above shows the build progress to the bottom of page 8. The servo saver parts and front chassis complete.

The above picture takes me to the bottom of page 9. Please note that the only problem you may find is compressing the servo saver spring to fit the c-clip. Just be careful. 

As you can see from the above picture, I have completed up to the bottom of page 10. As I have previously stated, I am not installing any electronics at this point, including a motor.

Build complete (bar motor) up to the bottom of page 11.

The picture above shows the build complete to the bottom of page 12. Please note that I have not yet set the angle of the torsion bar (part number SC2398 (black bar at the front)) as I could not find the correct orientation. I have not tightened it up so it can be adjusted at a later date.

Another picture above again shows the progress to the stage of the end page 12. As you can see there is little plastic used in this buggy. It's 99% aluminium, so far. What I have built so far has put a big smile on my face. I love building Kyosho cars, what with their precise instruction manuals with 1:1 diagrams of parts. They are a pleasure to build and a technical piece of craftsmanship and art in my humble opinion.

With that complete, you are now up to date with my build post. I hope you have found it interesting and helpful.

Please join me in Part 2  

Thank you for reading my humble post.

Take care. 2020



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