Best RC Rock Crawler RTR TRX4?

Traxxas TRX4 RTR

(TRX 82056-4) Ready to Run

By Catxls 

Hello guys and welcome to my humble blog.

In this post I am going to be talking about the Traxxas TRX4 Rock Crawler. 

May I first mention that this truck does not belong to me. It belongs to a good friend of mine. After being up close and personal with the truck,  I asked if I could write about it. After he finished work last night, he popped it in. He knows how passionate I am about all things RC. May I also add, he has only has the truck one week and has been used, much to the owners delight and his four your old Daughter.  He is not new to the hobby, simply coming back again, as we all do. 

This will be sort of a review and an overall look at the truck. Maybe a photograph that you have not seen of the inner workings. Maybe this post will help you decide if you want to add one to your collection. I know I do after handling it, and salivating over it for hours...

Watch the link below!



Click the above link to see this amazing truck in action
Ok, so here we go.


Yes, it is quite expensive. 

Retailing in the UK anywhere from  £525 to £595. Although I have seen them change hands for a lot more money. The reason behind the price tag is the absolute attention to detail, the engineering and the precision of build in every area. The quality of the RTR parts is impressive and activation from the 2.4 GHz handset is just awesome.

It is also available in an unassembled kit form (TRX 82016-4-R6) which costs £449.00


another unassembled kit form (TRX 82010-4), retailing at £309.00

I will explain the differences at the end.

The RTR kit is supplied with a pistol grip type transmitter. The quality feels good, not heavy yet distinct control. The switches feel solid and precise. It doesn't have a menu or screen but does the job in hand and more. The handset can control gearing and diff-locks at the click of a switch, both front, back or both. The picture above shows the TRX4 sporting a beautiful VW Beetle shell, painted in an offset Tamiya Beetle shade's and design's. IMHO in this picture, it looks like a BAJA sand racing buggy. Love it! Credit to the owner!!

I have added a picture with my Optima to show the scale and size of this truck!

We have now concluded this truck is expensive.
Now let's look at why it is so expensive.

The car we are looking at here is the Traxxas RTR TRX 4 (TRX82056-4) and retails in the UK for £585.

It is ready to run out of the box and only requires batteries to get going.

It is equipped with a Traxxas TQi TRX6530 and retails at £89.35.

Live telemetry via an iphone or ipad.
Cool or what?

It has a Traxxas TRX3025 waterproof electronic speed controller that can use standard NiMh batteries as well as LiPo batteries. RRP being £80.31

It has three waterproof sub micro servos (TRX2065), to control the gear box and one each for the front and rear diff-locks. These retail at £29.95 each.

The picture above show the small servos attached to cable's that run to the front and rear differentials.

It sports a Traxxas Titan (550 type) 21 turn reverse rotation motor and sells for £25.99

It has a Traxxas TRX2075X waterproof high torque metal geared steering servo that has an RRP of  £55.95.

At this point we are already at £341. That's without wheels, chassis and a mountain of other parts.

Now, the body shell.

Isn't it beautiful? At a staggering £162.40, it should be.

yes, you read correctly

But, for that price you get everything, including the pastics, wheel liners, roof rack, spare wheel and tyre, the lot. And it is of high quality with all the parts hex bolted to the body shell. This means it can be transferred to another body shell.
A clear version is available without the plastics and costs £44.60, or a painted version without the plastics is £66.45. The wheel liners are not just there for show, they actually seal around the tops of the shock absorbers, keeping out the dirt.

Spare wheel and tyre.

The detail is awesome.

As the above picture shows the plastic wheel arches and everything else is hex bolted through the body shell.
The tail lights and headlights are ready to take the LED lighting kit upgrade, which is again expensive at £102 but come with roof bar lights front and rear.

As you can see it has a lot of ground clearance. The tyres are soft and mould around objects almost gluing  on. You can see the heavy duty differential and drive shafts. The drive shafts do not seem to go directly to the wheels. It looks like there is some type of gearing on each wheel as can be seen better in the next picture.
I have since learned, these are called "Portal" axles. COOL BEANS.

You can see the drive shaft is above the centre of the wheel. I imagine this is to gain further ground clearance or better standing hill climb with less roll back movement and decreasing the chances of wheel spin. Wow. Again, I have since learned these are portal axles. Awesome.

The picture above shows the under body of the truck. I personally thick it is beautiful and accurate of a full size vehicle with all the torsion and panard rods.

Again we can see the massive ground clearance.

Equally as good at the rear. Notice how it always keeps it's four wheels grounded. Wow, what a truck.

The truck is not what you could call small.

500 mm plus long and 300 mm high. I am unsure of this trucks scale, but I would say 1/8th scale. As you can see I have just rested the shell on the truck as I will be returning it with the beetle shell as it came.

It's a lot bigger that my 1/10th scale cars.

As I stated earlier this kit comes in three forms, RTR, Unassembled kit form and another unassembled kit form.

The first kit is the one we have just looked at (TRX82056-4), the RTR version that comes with everthing you need. Except batteries.

The second kit is the unassembled version (TRX82016-4-R6) and needs to be assembled from scratch. This kit comes with everything BUT the body shell and retails at £449.00.Remember the body shell is £160 plus...

The third and final kit is another unassembled kit (TRX82010-4) and is called the TRX-4 Sport. In this kit all you get is an unassembled rolling chassis. No motor, radio gear, servo's etc. Just the bare bones. This will set you back  £309, however you do get a body shell, but not the Land Rover one.

I would finally like to say, I have not yet had the pleasure to drive this beauty. The owner said I could but I didn't feel comfortable using it without the owner being there. I am sure I will take it for a good spin in the near future. Therefore I cannot comment on the driving experience. I can only relay what the owner has told me and what I have seen on youtube. What I can comment upon is that, judging the build quality, cutting edge design and useful features packed in to this truck, I already know it will be a wicked drive and will climb like a billy goat.

Would I add one to my collection???

Oh Yes!! You will understand why if you watch the video link below.

TRX4 In Action

If you are pondering on buying the TRX-4, I hope this has been useful to you and maybe helped you decide.
It is an expensive truck but it is also one of the best out there. BTW I am not sponsored by Traxxas, this is an impartial review.

Well that's it for now.

Thanks for reading my humble blog Guys.

Take care.

Catxls 16/5/2020