Schumacher CAT XLS build - Part 5

Build Part 5 

 Important notes.

On the first page of the manual, you are instructed NOT to use anything more powerful than a 17.5 turn brushless motor with the standard gear transmission. It also advises not to go beyond a 6.5 turn brushless motor with the upgraded transmission (U7236 / not supplied). I  Also read, not to use anything stronger than a 2S battery pack in either the upgraded transmission and/or the supplied (kit) transmission. 

The upgraded transmission (U7236) is very expensive, weighing in at a hefty £95. Is it worth it? Again, I have not yet driven the buggy so my information may seem flawed. Yet, I have to defend my words with one word, weight!!! The buggy is super light. A 2S battery, running a standard 540 motor, should be quick. So, with a 17.5 turn motor (brushless or not), it should have some  major kick even with the standard (kit) transmission.

If you install the upgraded transmission, you will also lose the front to rear limited slipping, which delivers power to the front and rear wheels depending on grip/slip.

I don't want to sound like I am against upgrades, I am not. If you need the extra power, do it. If your racing, do it. If you just want it, do it. To be honest, my eyes could not track anything faster than a 2S with a standard 540. I will upgrade (as soon as funds are available) the rear plastic belt eccentric carriers for the upgraded aluminium eccentric rings (U7245).

Thanks for reading.

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