Schumacher CAT XLS Build - Part 3 Decals

Schumacher CAT XLS Build - Part 3


Time to add the decal's. Please note that the decals will need to be cut accurately from the decal sheets.Therefore you will need a steel rule and a very sharp knife.  I used a Stanley knife to cut out then a scalpel to help guide the decal in. I also used some soapy water and something to mop up the excess water.
1) Ensure you know where the decal is intended to be positioned.
2) Cut out the decal.
3). Spray the area of the body shell where the decal will sit, with the soapy water .Keep it liberal and in the area.
4) Pick up the cut out decal from the decal sheet with the tip of the scalpel blade. This is to ensure finger prints DO NOT get onto the underside glue of the decal.
5) With the decal on the blade tip, carefully position the decal in the correct position (with the aid soapy water allowing the decal to slide slightly). This stops to glue adhering immediately. When you are happy with the positioning, apply a little pressure via a tissue, both to mop up the water and to ensure to decal is indeed stuck.  Again, lightly mop up excess water adding slightly more pressure. A small foam roller will also help to secure the decal. Take your time. 

The above picture shows some of the decal's in their correct(ish) postition. You can also see the spray bottle of soapy water that helped me navigate the decal's into place along with my little scalpel.

You can see the tool's I used during the application of the decal's in the above picture.

  I applied, removed and reapplied some decals more than three times.Thank goodness for the soapy water in the spray gun.

I have also started using some super sharp scissors to cut out the decals as they are so close together. I didn't want to slip and ruin a single piece, as there are no spares or surplus decals in the kit. Take your time. I have also come to a point were I may need to trim the shell. I did not expect this. I could have done this a long time before now. Never mind.

Above is a picture of the rear wing from underneath. I also need to do some paint touch up's here.With a high quality brush and the correct Tamiya paint.

As you can see from the pictures below, I have added a few more decals using the soapy water and a scalpel. 

The build manual does not give any information on where the decals should officially be. This is also true of the paint positioning, colour etc. The only information you are given is from the pictures on the box, the manual and certificate of authenticity. I have also trawled the web for information but alas, not a lot of info..

I have recently stated that I would need to trim the body shell, which I didn't want to do but.... In the above picture, you can see the bottom lip of the body shell rising as it get's closer to the front. This is due the the four main chassis bolts that hold's it all together at the front, fouling the shell. I need to remove a small half circle to let the nuts in. You can see from the picture above the offending bolt (left and center). These cut out point's are not shown in the manual or on the body shell, cut out lines. 

I think I know now why I see so many clear wings......A royal pain to paint!!! I have added further decals to the underside of the wing. I need some touch up paints. Maybe a trip to Ebay me thinks. 

As you can see from the picture below, I have carefully removed  six small semi circles. I did this by placing masking take over the area's to be worked on. I then placed the shell back on the buggy and placed a pencil mark where the reveals where going to be. I then used a small rotary wheel to remove the material very carefully, ensuring both sides were level and the same amount of material removed at each level. ie holes 1 and 2 level, 3 and 4 level and 5 and 6 level.

At first I thought there were only four area's to remove. When I removed the four semi circles, I realized that from anti roll bar was also fouling the shell, so I removed those as well. The shell now fits really well with the bottom lip of the shell now parallel with the under tray, except for where the body shell slopes down at the back (in the cut lines).

As you can see in the above picture, I had to cut three semi circles on each side of the shell.

Looking good.

When I was finished cutting the shell, I then applied the last decal at the front, which was the number 1 decal.

At this point I will say, that is as good as I can do. It's not perfect, but it was never going to be.
I am quite happy with the finished buggy and it's going to look great on display.

Thank you for reading.

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